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A Tank Named Grizzly Instructions

Just like most tank games, A Tank Named Grizzly is played with the mouse and keyboard: use the arrow keys for basic movement, and the mouse button for aiming and firing. That's it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

A Tank Named Grizzly Walkthrough

If you are a huge fan of Battle City's game play - where you are in a cage-like arena and have to eliminate all comers, A Tank Named Grizzly is a game you want to check out. Just like in Battle City, you need to use the walls, buildings, and other structures in the environment to your advantage - outflank your opponent, take cover when sustaining heavy fire, and those are just to name a few!

Your Mission: In A Tank Named Grizzly, 4 GI Joes have been kidnapped by the Cobra Bat. It's your job to rescue them using the Tank named Grizzly (hence the title). You will face A LOT of opposition along the way. There are H.I.S.S tanks (these are worth 1000 points), the tougher and deadlier Ringneck (1500 points worth), the fast-moving and evasive Quad (worth 2500 points), and lastly, a normal Cobra Bat soldier (worth 500 points), which is cannon fodder compared to other enemy units.

Maneuvering Your Tank

You can use the in-game interface to control your tank. Click on the arrow keys on the screen to maneuver. BUT I find that too awkward and slow... and using the arrow keys is MUCH more efficient.

You can switch between your unlimited-ammo gun and hard-hitting rocket (this comes with a short cool down though) by pressing the Space Bar button or clicking. To fire, just move your tank... hover it over the enemy unit you want to hit, and hit the left click button. Let me remind you, however, that you basic weapons - the rocket and machine gun, don't have unlimited range. If the enemy unit is located all the way across the map, it will not hit.

To remedy that, you have to roll over and pick up the laser rocket. This allows you to unleash laser-powered rockets that will reach all the way to the edges of the game's map. HOWEVER, the laser-rockets have a time limit. To make the most out of it, I recommend picking it up when A LOT of enemies show up and spamming the hell out of the left click button... and of course, aiming well.

Scoring System

You will gain points for every enemy unit you kill. I have already expounded on the amount of points you get awarded for every enemy unit. Now, that score is not set in stone. The more damage you take, the more deductions your score suffer from. In tank games like this, hit and run tactics pay off big dividends so don't be ashamed to adopt such a strategy.