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Armored War Instructions

In Armored War, you need to sit down and focus on your keyboard...set that mouse aside for a while. You won't need it. Here are the controls: use A to switch to your previous weapon, S to go for the next weapon, tap the space bar to activate the shield to protect you from attacks, hit the W button to make your tank go on steroids (turbo mode), and last BUT not the least, use the arrow keys (left, right, up, and down) to move your tank.

Armored War Walkthrough

Armored War - well, this is NOT just about the armor of your tank mind you. Speed, armor, damage dealt - the tanks you can choose from vary in these departments. Some are insanely fast moving BUT deals mediocre damage with an armor so fragile. Others are heavily built, deals massive damage, yet moves like a slug. On the other hand, there are tanks that are on average - average speed, average damage, as well as armor. Oh! One reminder - playing on the safe side and picking those tanks that are average will get you, well...average results.

In Armored War, taking out all of your weapons is your mission. Destroy them all or get destroyed - that's how things go in Armored War. Also, the maxim: "Money makes the world go round" is very applicable. Your weapon, your shield, and your turbo all need money. Heck! Even resurrecting your tank takes a lot of cash! Good thing, your special attack doesn't need a dime (BUT you need to recharge it).

And to keep your finances above the stress level, you should collect jewels and destroy your enemies.

One more thing like about Armored War is that it's suitable both for players who are looking for casual fun and those who want to be challenged in an effort to figure out the different tactics and strategies to play different tanks. And speaking of strategy and tactics - believe me, you are going to need them! Even if you are up against artificial intelligence, they are amazingly responsive.

Shoot them from one direction and they will turn to either left or right to dodge it. They will pummel you with their own special attacks when they get the chance...and usually, they use it as a finisher when your health bar is running low. The AI seems to take pleasure in seeing their prey run for cover only to blow their hope by using their devastating weapon. I should know - I've been a victim more than a couple of times.

Bottom line: Armored War is one challenging game that will keep you hooked for long hours!