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Awesome Tanks 2 Instructions

Awesome Tanks 2 is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your tank by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. The Q and E keys or the spacebar may be used to cycle through weapons, or you can use the number keys to switch directly to weapons. The shift key is used to drop mines. The P key pauses the game.

Awesome Tanks 2 Walkthrough

Awesome Tanks 2 is the awesome sequel to the awesome tank game, Awesome Tanks (that's a lot of awesome). Awesome Tanks 2 features faster-paced gameplay, a larger arsenal, and even more upgrades!

In Awesome Tanks 2, your mission is to clear each of the fifteen levels of enemy tanks. When all enemies are destroyed, you will unlock the next level. Do not worry; if you are overwhelmed and your tank is destroyed, you will have unlimited chances to try to beat the level. Your progress is automatically saved and you will automatically continue from where you left off the next time that you load up the game. There are three levels of difficulty in this shooting game, so if it seems too challenging, you may want to play on a lower level of difficulty. Unfortunately, you will not be able to change the difficulty level of a saved game,so you will have to start the game from its beginning by clicking the reset button and starting a new game.

Awesome Tanks 2 uses the same core control scheme of its forerunner. The arrow keys or WASD keys are used to move your tank. Move your mouse to aim and click the left mouse button to shoot. To cycle through your available weapons, you may use the Q and E keys or the spacebar. If you want to select a weapon directly, you may use the number keys. In addition to standard weapons, you also have access to mines in this tank game. Press the shift key to deploy mines.

Like the original Awesome Tanks, Awesome Tanks 2 gives you access to an upgrade shop between levels. From here you can buy additional weapons, stock up on ammo, upgrade weapons, and upgrade your vehicle. Since the minigun is your basic weapon and has unlimited ammo, I advise upgrading it to its maximum level before purchasing other weapons. Upgrading your tank's armor will also help you survive against the powerful enemies encountered in later levels. Soup up your tank after every level and you should be able to breeze through this shooting game!

If you liked the first Awesome Tanks, then you are going to love Awesome Tanks 2. With more weapons, more upgrades, and new enemies on top f its predecessor's winning gameplay, Awesome Tanks 2 is an awesomely addictive tank game!