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Battalion: Ghosts Instructions

Surprisingly, unlike most of the tank games we came to know, Battalion: Ghosts is played entirely with a mouse. It's a turn-based tank game where strategy trumps constant mouse / key spamming. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Battalion: Ghosts Walkthrough

So what makes a tank games fan's day complete?

SIMPLE! Tanks, and to be specific, we want tanks shooting down other tanks. We WANT lots of tanks tossed into the rumble. People who are new to tank games may think otherwise, BUT you will soon realize it after you have had some fun with turn-based tank games. It won't be long for you to see that no one else can complete your day like these mechanical war-machines! And to make sure your craving for tank warfare is continuously satisfied, check out Battalion: Ghosts... another installment in the fine Battalion series we all came to love.

Battalion: Ghosts throws you back where Nemesis left off. You will find yourself in the middle of the action where you are required to command your troops, step by step, and lead them to victory in different campaigns and missions... ultimately completing the story, which is told in scenes before and after the tank showdowns.

True enough, the humor in this game is rather corny. BUT to compensate, the writing is at least competent and it does a good job of tying the game together instead of having tons of different and completely unrelated battles. And the corniness isn't really a drawback in my opinion. I think it did a good job of capturing the cheesy and corny feel of the good and old console video / tank games. Old school gamers will surely LOVE it!

Battalion: Ghosts - Game Play

As for the game play, it has stayed pretty much the same. If you have played the previous Battalion series, you should be very familiar with the turn-based tactical combat it has. If not, I HIGHLY recommend that you have a look at the tutorial.

Just to give you an idea, you need to click on a unit when it's already your turn. After that, click on an available square to move your unit. On the other hand, you can also click on a nearby enemy to attack.

The game play is really easy to pick up. What you should focus MORE on though is developing that strategic sense, which goes way beyond moving your tanks to the right spots or attacking nearby enemy units. Now, if you are not too good with strategy, you can always tone down the difficulty level between stages.

You can alter the AI of your opponents, which ranges from lemmings, competent, and those are just to name a few. Now, for those of you who are looking to match wit and cross swords with friends and fellow tank games' lovers, sorry but Battalion: Ghosts doesn't have that option. HOWEVER, that's what Battalion: Arena is for. Although, I have to admit, it would be really nice to have a friend captain and lead the other side.

The Level Of Difficulty

For old-timers and seasoned veterans in the Battalion series, you may find the difficulty of the whole sequel quite disappointing. True, other scenarios are trickier BUT the overall difficulty is something that seasoned players of Battalion will easily cruise through.

But hey, that's good enough and friendlier for newcomers... so it can't be that bad. All in all, Battalion: Ghosts is one of those tank games that I would HIGHLY recommend.