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Battalion: Nemesis Instructions

Battalion: Nemesis - one of the more popular turn-based tank games, this is played entirely with the mouse. That's all you need to know about the controls soldier, onto the Instructions!

Battalion: Nemesis Walkthrough

A complex version of Rocks - Paper - Scissors that is played out on a chess board with tanks and explosives as your chess pieces. Being a chess nut myself, this is something I dig! And if that sounds great to you too, then Battalion: Nemesis will be one of those tank games that you will be glad you played!

Unlike other tank games, this one emphasizes the importance of positioning and using the right unit or tank to get the job done. Here's a REALLY quick example. Scorpion Tanks are VERY effective against a range of enemies and they are HIGHLY mobile. HOWEVER, air attack is what they are weak against. To take out air strikers and planes, you can use Flak Tanks and they wipe these fleets of air war machines like nobody's business. On the other hand, the same Flak Tanks can be easily demolished by the same Scorpion Tanks. Do you see the Rock - Paper - Scissors principle at work?

Having The Initiative Is KEY!

In many of the pairings you will encounter in this tank game, one unit will have an undeniable advantage over the other. HOWEVER, when the two units paired are evenly matched, it is crucial to have the initiative (just like in chess), and attack first. While many of the units have an auto counter-attack reaction, that won't really matter if you have blown them to bits first.

The Tank Game's Chess Board

The combat in Battalion: Nemesis takes place on a grid. For you to move from one square to another, just click one of your units once to select it. After that, click on the space / square that you want to move in to. In the same manner, you can attack nearby enemy units by clicking on them after selecting your unit.

That's RIGHT folks - two mouse clicks is all it takes to get the game going. When you select a unit, the spaces that are within the movement range of your unit are highlighted in green. On the other hand, the squares where your unit can fire to are showed up with a red highlight. An icon will appear over your enemies that you can attack. This will indicate how much damage you will probably deal. Now, if you don't want to think too hard, just check out the green plus signs and you are good to go.

Navigating Through Battalion: Nemesis

To scroll the map, you can either use the arrow keys (which is much more comfy in my opinion) or put your cursor near the edge of your screen. Hitting the CTRL button selects the next available unit. If you are a newbie, I HIGHLY recommend that you try to know everything you can about every single unit in the game. It helps you play this sophisticated version of Rock - Papers - Scissors better. To do that, select the unit and hover your mouse over the icons in the box, which is located at the lower right side of the screen. A LOT of the units in this tank game have special attributes and weapons that may not be noted right away. For example, some tanks have a bonus when the unit is on the offensive. Others have the ability to take out submarines, and those are just to name a few.

That sums up the basics of this tank game BUT you definitely want to complete the Boot Camp (comes with 6 levels) to get a feel for how the game works. Good luck soldier!