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Battalion: Vengeance Instructions

This is one of the few tank games that adopted the turn-based tactical game play. Just like other tank games in the series, Battalion: Vengeance is played entirely with the mouse.

Battalion: Vengeance Walkthrough

The next installment in the Battalion tank games series (following Battalion: Ghosts) and the final chapter in the Battalion series. In this turn-based strategy tank game, you will take the lead and command the noble Dragoons in their full scale war and mission to defeat Durand and claim their homeland once and for all.

The Game Play

Nah, Battalion: Vengeance is one of those tank games where spamming the fire / left mouse click take the sidelines and strategic thinking and decision making take the center stage. As mentioned, this is a turn-based tank game where you only need to do 2 steps when it's your turn: click to select a unit and move that unit to a square or attack a nearby enemy unit.

If you are new to the game play, I HIGHLY recommend that you play through the 8 EASY tutorial missions. This should help you get a grip of things. What follows after that are 10 NEW levels. From there, you can decide which difficulty level you want to play on (by the way, there are 3 levels to choose from). By the way, the difficulty level / settings aren't there for show. You can easily notice the HUGE difficulty difference between the modes / settings. You can easily adjust the difficulty between levels if you are having a hard time. And speaking of challenges that will make you sweat, there's a relatively hard bonus map that is played without any difficulty settings.

The Terrain

The terrains in the game are split into land tiles and sea tiles. This will decide which units can and cannot move into these tiles. There are short tiles that link the sea and land together. There are terrains that slow units down while most of them provide some defensive cover that reduces the damage your units take. As with most turn-based and strategy-oriented tank games, using the terrain to your advantage is one of the keys to winning.

The Units

The game showcases different range and types of units. There are units that move on the ground - these are divided into infantry and vehicles. The former group of units packs a LOT of punch without costing much. On the other hand, the vehicles can more A LOT farther than the infantry units and they are heavily armored... making them ideal for the front lines.

For battling in the sea, there are boats and submarines... the rulers of this watery terrain. Also, there are air units that can easily reach any section of the map. The armor system in the game creates a complex and MORE challenging version of the Rocks - Papers - Scissors game. There are units that are strong against others, and at the same time, they are weak against other units.

A Look At The Tanks

1. Flak Tanks - These are anti-air units which also work very well at obliterating infantry as well as non-armored units. They can take down a raptor in a single blow, even if the tank has only lost a few strands of its health.

2. Annihilator Tanks - These fellas are extremely robust and damage A LOT! They can destroy other tanks and even zoom through rocket fire without breaking a sweat. However, there is one downside: the Annihilator tank cannot move as speedily as other units and they can be easily bombarded by air units.