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Battle City Instructions

Just like other tank games, this is played entirely with the keyboard: (1) Use the arrow keys (left, right, up, and down) for basic movement. (2) Press the Space Bar button to fire. That's about it for the controls, let's check out the game.

Battle City Walkthrough

You are the only member of your army's elite tank commanders who is yet to fall. HOWEVER, you are left without a choice. Fleeing is NOT an option (otherwise, this tank game would seem very cowardly), and you need to defend your fort against a MASSIVE army of enemy tanks that are fully bent on seeing your base crushed.

This is Battle City - one of the tank games where you need to break holes through walls, place yourself strategically to get rid of enemy units, and HAVE a lot of fun. Oh! By the way, don't let your base (located at the bottom part of the screen and represented with the eagle mark) be destroyed. Otherwise, it's game over!

Game Play In A Nutshell:

- The game starts with you at the bottom of the game screen, just right next to your base. Enemy tanks will come out of nowhere from one of the three positions on top of the screen.

- You can fire in four directions. All it takes is one shot to take out most of the enemy tanks. HOWEVER, there is one that requires 4 hits before they are taken down. Needless to say, you don't want to take the bull by the horns when against this tough tank.

- If one enemy bullet hits you, you will lose a life. HOWEVER, if your base is stripped of its defenses and is ULTIMATELY hit by a bullet, it's game over. Again, you need to protect that base of yours at all times!

- Bullets can destroy regular walls. It doesn't matter if the bullet is fired by you or the enemy. This plays an integral part of forming tactics and assaults against a much larger army. By the way, a standard width wall takes four shot. So if you are planning to outflank the enemy by penetrating through the walls, you better do it fast.

- Keep an eye on the red and flashing enemy tanks. Whenever they are hit, they provide a power-up. The power-up will appear randomly on the screen. The battle is far from even - it's just you versus a nearly endless army of tanks. Power-ups should help you even the playing field a bit so knowing what every power-up does and knowing how to use it to its maximum is IMPORTANT.

The Power Ups:

Grenade Power up - This instantly demolishes every enemy on the screen even the tough armored tanks. However, you don't get credit for destroying them during end-stage bonus points.

Helmet Power Up - Gives you temporary invulnerability just like the one you get whenever you start a new stage.

Shovel Power Up - Turns your base's defenses from brick to stone, making it impossible for enemies to penetrate and end the game prematurely. However, don't celebrate. This protection is only temporary!

Tank Power Up - Gives you an extra life. You can also earn a 1-up by scoring 20000 points.

Timer Power Up - This one freezes time and everyone except you, and this allows you to approach every tank and destroy them until the effect runs out.

Star Power Up - Gives you new offensive power each time you pick one up (can be picked up to 3 times). The first allows you to fire faster, the second allows you to fire 2 bullets at a time, and the third allows you to smash through steel walls.