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Beach Landing Instructions

Use your mouse to aim and left click to fire at enemies. The spacebar allows you to switch between guns, while the A key calls in airborne support and the V key is responsible for maintenance and will add to your health. Blue crates will give you air support, brown will give you ammunition, and red will give you maintenance points

Beach Landing Walkthrough

Beach Landing is a tank game with a simple premise: it's a Normandy beach-style invasion, and you're the ones on the top of the hill. You'll have to hold off enemy soldiers and tanks as they arrive and climb up the beach, and to help you out, you'll be able to call in air-strikes when things get hairy, not to mention the two different weapons you have to choose from.

To switch between the machine gun and artillery gun at any time, hit spacebar. The machine gun will be able to target enemies from far away while the artillery gun is useful for enemies that have climbed the beach and have almost made it to the top of the hill. Switch between these two guns strategically as the enemies keep charging, or you're done for.

There are a few items you can pick up in Beach Landing - to pick them up, simply shoot them, and you'll be able to use them. These range from air-raid bonuses to ammunition and maintenance bonuses. Since air-raids are some of the strongest bonuses you can use, shoot blue crates as soon as you see them on the beach.

When you're running low on health, hit the V key to call in a maintenance truck. You'll have to wait a moment, but once the truck arrives, your health points for whichever gun you were using will increase. Use these sparingly, though, as you'll need it towards the end of the invasion rather than at the beginning of Beach Landing.