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Beetle Tank Instructions

The WASD keys will control your beetle tank movement. The J, K, and L keys will fire shots, which break brick walls, mops, which break brick and steel walls, and lay mines, which blow up on contact, respectively. After destroying all enemies, proceed to the door at the top of the map to move on to the next level.

Beetle Tank Walkthrough

Beetle Tank is a tanks flash game that's all about action. At the beginning of each round, you'll be placed on the outside of a map, and it's your job to hunt down and destroy every enemy on that map. To help you out, you'll have an unlimited supply of firepower that you can shoot with the J key. These shots will break through brick walls, so you don't have to stay on the outside of the map, and they also damage enemy tanks, but not by that much. With the K key, you'll be able to fire mop missiles. These shots are much stronger, and can destroy steel walls, but you'll have a limited supply of them, so use them wisely.

The L key will lay mines - a weapon that you also only have a limited supply of - and once laid they'll destroy an enemy on contact. Use these to cover your tracks while playing; they help out quite a bit, so don't forget you have them.

If you don't like the layout of the weapons keys in Beetle Tank, you can customize them at the menu at the beginning of the game. In later levels you'll be firing weapons like crazy, so it's important to have them set up properly. Also, if you have a huge amount of enemies chasing you in Beetle Tank, it's a good idea to make a winding path through brick walls instead of moving in a straight line - you'll almost always get hit when doing so.