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Big Battle Tanks Instructions

Unlike your usual tank games where frantically clicking and firing at will is the key, Big Battle Tanks require something more - and the same can be said with the control scheme. Instead of the usual W, A, S, and D keys, you need to use the directional keys and your keyboard for the most part. Move your tank using the left and right directional keys. On the other hand, for changing and adjusting the angle of your turret, use the up and down directional keys. Being a turn based game, you need to make your shots count and hit - for tweaking the power of your shot or missile, use the Page Down and Page Up buttons. Once you are done with the adjustments and you are ready to fire away, hit the Space Bar button. Oh! One more thing, if you need to change your weapons for more destruction, just press the Q and E buttons. Let's get ready for battle!

Big Battle Tanks Walkthrough

If you love tank games like Tanks, online turn based games such as Gunbound, or the PlayStation hit Worms (with many sequels), then you will love Big Battle Tanks! Being a turn based tank game, this game takes more than just firing at the enemies and frantically clicking that left click button. Matter of fact, doing so is a surefire way to flunk!

Instead, you need good judgment - do you know if the angle is just right? What about the power? How will you turn the wind direction as a friend rather than an obstruction? Only someone who has good judgment and experience can tell. With that in mind, a step-by-step walkthrough won't do you any good. Big Battle Tanks is one of those tank games that you need to play where you need to get your hands dirty often to get good results.

HOWEVER, to make the learning process a little easier for you, there are a couple of elements in the screen that I can help you get familiar with. Let's take a look at the User Interface that is divided into 3 columns. On the right part, you will find your health and your armor. You need to keep your eye on these bars if you want to stay alive.

The 4 boxes with digits next to the armor bar are (1) Parachutes (2) Repairs you have available (3) Teleports (4) Shields that you can use to block enemy attacks. This part of the user interface contains basically everything you need to know that will help you gauge your survival rate and how well (or bad) you are doing.

On the next column, you will find the Fuel you have available, the Turret Angle, the Turret Power, and the Fire button. This part contains the essentials for making that shot right. Since there are no visual representations on the screen concerning the trajectory of your missile once fired, keeping an eye on this part of the UI is crucial.

Last BUT not the least, the section on the rightmost part. This contains the Weapon Select as well as the weapon you are currently using. The Wind Strength, which is very crucial and can spell the difference from a clear hit or a miss. And also, you will find how much funds you have. By the way, you can use it for upgrades and buying MORE powerful and destructive weapons.