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Bubble Tanks Instructions

Playing Bubble Tanks is very straightforward, which is the case in most tank games out there - use the W, A, S, and D keys on your keyboard to get your bubble tank moving and use your mouse to click and shoot. In the beginning, you are equipped with a weak cannon BUT one that as unlimited ammo. However, there are larger and more destructive weapons available - all you need to do is absorb the bubbles that your enemies leave behind. The more bubbles you collect, the larger your ship grows and the more powerful your weapon becomes. But get this, as you grow more powerful, so do your enemies. When you lose all of your bubbles, the game takes you back to the nearest safe bubble where you need to start your campaign for supremacy once again.

Bubble Tanks Walkthrough

Unlike other tank games out there, Bubble Tanks comes with graphics that are simple BUT nicely styled - they come together exceptionally well. While the soundtrack is a little repetitive, it is relaxing and it nicely goes hand in hand with the atmosphere where discovery is of primary importance.

Someone suggested that this game is very identical to Flow, which I didn't agree to initially. HOWEVER, after playing Bubble Tanks for quite some time, I can now clearly see the similarities. Maybe, Bubble Tanks was largely influenced by the elegance of Flow. BUT the game, however, is an entirely different one.

The first couple of bubbles you encounter have instructional texts that will guide you through the different ins and outs of the game play gradually. This is a nice and instructive way of educating the starting player compared to the usual walkthroughs and read-me's that you have to consult over and over again. By the way, this game boasts over 37,000 enemies instantiated! So how does the creator Jared keep that in control? I think it boils down to forcing the player to move between bubbles.

By doing so, the number of objects onscreen at any given moment are limited wile keeping the overhead for event processing as well as collision detection manageable.

Going beyond the technical stuff, Bubble Tanks is unique among other tanks games - it becomes a grand adventure of discovery rather than just having to shoot and obliterate everything in sight. The enemies are ever-changing, which does a good job of keeping my interest...giving me something new to encounter before long. That's not something you enjoy from average tank games.

What I would like to see in the game though is some sort of meter that will help you keep track of my progress. Maybe adding a map that shows the bubbles I have cleared would help? Maybe a counter that will show the number of bubbles I have assimilated...those that are within the size of my ship? That would be super - give me anything else to look at than just move from one bubble to another.

Aside from that, there are no major issues about Bubble Tanks. It's a very nice game that I would love to play no matter what time of the day, and would love even more if I get some onscreen feedback as to how far I have gone and how much distance do I still need to cover.