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Developed by Hero Interactive - the same guys who brought you Star Shine, Light Sprites, and Storm Winds, comes another tank game which is beyond your average tank games! Bubble Tanks 2 - the much anticipated follow up to the original game of the same name, uses your W, A, S, and D keys to move your tank. Use your mouse to aim and shoot...destroy enemy tanks while collecting bubbles to beef up your ship even more. It's all up to you to guide your ship's evolution. Whether you want to be a figher, heavy damage absorber, or you want to take on balanced paths, it's all up to you. At the end of the day, though, you better make sure you can take on massive enemies!

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If you loved Bubble Tanks, then you will go ga-ga for the sequel! You have a choice between 2 modes - normal mode where you jump from one bubble to another and take down enemies. On the other hand, for the skilled Bubble Tanks player, you can launch Arena Mode - this allows you to test your skills against a horde of your choice.

Another fine addition to the game, which wasn't found in the original one, is the Bubble-O-Pedia. This allows you to view your conquests and learn the names of the enemies you have decimated. Along with that, the weapons added to your arsenal have also increased dramatically. Old weapons like the small red bullet and big shot are still around. HOWEVER, they are joined by the likes of the spread shot, sniper shot, and mines. Also, there is a secondary weapon system which showcases abilities like Mega Cannon, Teleportation, Shiled, and those are just to name a few! When you need to activate them, just hit the space bar.

Take note, though, your enemies got marvelous upgrades too! They have been overhauled and given new abilities to keep up with you. They have bigger tanks, crazier weapons which could range anywhere from swarms of smaller bubble ships, goo that will slow you down to a snail, and those are just to name a few. What made this stand out from other tank games is that you need to recognize and respond to the new foes ahead of you...making it really fun!

Indeed, the developers of the game listen and read over comments on the first game, which is also a huge hit. They have added a lot of nice little touches which made Bubble Tanks 2 head and shoulders above the rest of the tank games found in the internet.

The cannon is now on automatic fire, no need to strain your fingers while clicking frantically all over the screen. A meter also shows you how many more bubbles you need to acquire before you get another upgrade, but without being obtrusive. When the final enemy dies, all of the bubbles are automatically attracted to your ship. And for those who are obsessed with total domination, the map system should help you find your way in the massive arena and conquer places where no other players have gone through.

Indeed, this is an excellent game you shouldn't miss! Heck, I'm not ashamed I got eyebags from playing the game the whole night. It's worth every second.