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Rating: 4.52/5 stars (67 ratings)

Bunker - Survival Instructions

Hold your left mouse button to fire at enemy combatants, press the 1-9 keys to switch between particular weapons, hit spacebar to pause the game so you can shop for upgrades, and hit the ESC key to pause the game to change settings.

Bunker - Survival Walkthrough

With nine different weapons to choose from, five different bonuses you can pick up at any time with everything being upgradable, Bunker - Survival is one tanks game you'll find yourself coming back to again and again.

Bunker - Survival features a save game system that lets you stop playing whenever you'd like, so you'll be able to play whenever you want without losing any progress. This is a great feature since you'll have to save up quite a bit of cash to purchase some of the bigger weapons this tanks game offers. With nine of them to choose from, you'll only be able to get a hold of the heavy artillery in much later levels, but it's definitely worth waiting for.

At the start of each wave of enemies, you'll be told what kind they are, and that's it. It's up to you to point and click and destroy everything that comes towards your base, right in the middle of the screen, and after killing enough enemies you'll be able to purchase upgrades. Enemies will also drop bonuses called drops every so often, and you can upgrade these, too, in the in-game store (accessible by pressing the spacebar at any time).

Overall, Bunker - Survival is a great tanks game to play, especially since you can save your game. You won't have to play the game for an hour and give up all you've earned; you can come back to it later and try to handle some of the much harder missions. That makes this tanks game one great game to pass the time with.