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Cannon Crusade Instructions

So how to play Canon Crusade? What are the controls? Well, they are far from complicated. Not far from the usual - use the arrow keys or W, A, D, and S buttons to move your tank and your mouse for aiming and firing against your opponents. Simple indeed. BUT as you will see later, the game's flow is NOT as simple or as easy as its controls.

Cannon Crusade Walkthrough

"Simple, fast paced, and potentially frustrating" - this is what the creator of the game said. And I can't help BUT agree. I have played many and different tank games and this is one of the most difficult ones to finish. In Canon Crusade, only the skilled and strong can finish one level after another...and even fewer can finish the whole game.

Here are the odds - (1) your enemies are larger and are way beefier than you are. The only advantage you have over them is that you can fire non stop. (2) Bullets bounce back and can hurt...YES, that includes your bullets so you better be careful when it comes to firing against walls. Do it wrongly and your life bar will be wiped before you know it. And to make things even worse and more confusing, your bullets' appearance are no different from theirs. With over 50 bullets firing on the screen, it's hard to tell which to dodge. BUT to be on the safe side, anything that's near you should be avoided like a plague.

HOWEVER, there are a couple of ways to cope up with the situation in Canon Crusade.

First off, the fact that you can fire non stop can be used advantageously. That means you can come out of your cover, go berserk, fire relentlessly until each and everyone of your opponents are torn to shreds. HOWEVER, that requires a lot of maneuvering and dodging coupled with a good aim. Also, this is NOT something you can do all the time. There are stages, especially the later ones, when bullets are flying around.

On the other hand, you can try to be a little tactical. A little observation should help. Make the bullets bounce off the walls until you hit your enemy hard and long enough to take them out. BUT let me remind you - your enemies would be executing the same tactic. Better do it fast enough.

Canon Crusade - challenging (bordering frustrating), requires you to think, action packed. This will surely keep you busy for a long time around. I know, it kept me on it for days!