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Capsule X Instructions

Point and click to program commands for you tank. Program your tank to pick up capsules, put them in holes, and return to base all in one sequence!

Capsule X Walkthrough

Capsule X isn't your standard tanks game. In it, you won't have to destroy a ton of enemy tanks, guard any kind of a base, or even fire a gun - not even once. Instead, your mission is to pick up capsule and put it in a hole. With thirty different levels to choose from in Capsule X, you'll come across multiple capsules and holes, levers, buttons to press, and complex maps that will make you want to rip your hair out. But if you stick with it for the first few levels, you should get the hang of programming your tank pretty quickly.

At the start of every level, you'll be at the "H" square. There, you'll have to take a good look at the level, and after you've figured it out, click the corresponding buttons on the mini menu. You can see the programming sequence you've made on the lower portion of the screen, and if your sequence doesn't work out, you can always try again - there aren't any lives to lose in Capsule X.

The forward button makes your tank move forward one square, while the left and right turn buttons make it turn ninety degrees either way. To cancel any input, pick what you want to get rid of on the sequence bar and hit the "X" button. When you've positioned you tank correctly (something you can check at any time - use the fast forward buttons to speed up your sequence after you've started it), hit the hand button to make sure it picks the capsule up. After picking up the capsule, move your tank over the hole and it will automatically drop it off.

But the game doesn't stop there - you have to mirror sequence to get your tank back to home base (the "H" square), otherwise the sequence doesn't count and you won't be able to move on to the next level. For longer levels, levels that have levers and buttons and more than one capsule to pick up and drop off, you can simply put in a sequence and make sure your tank gets back to the "H" square to save your current progress in the level. Capsule X will automatically save what level you're on, and since this game does take some time to play, you'll be able to come back to it after you've figured out whatever you're stuck on.