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Cube Tank Arena Instructions

Cube Tank Arena is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the WASD keys (or arrow keys) to move. The mouse is used to aim and to shoot. Press the spacebar to access the upgrade shop.

Cube Tank Arena Walkthrough

Cube Tank Arena is a three-dimensional Flash shooting game where you drive a tank against legions of robotic enemies. This tank game features cute 3D graphics, challenging gameplay, and simple controls.

The goal of Cube Tank Arena is to destroy enemy units until the boss appears. When the boss appears, you must destroy it as well. This is a simple concept, but it works! The initial levels of this shooting game may seem slow-paced for hardcore fans of the genre, but don't worry; later levels bring a real challenge! Unfortunately, your progress is not saved in this tank game, so you will have to start from the beginning each time that you play. The game only spans five levels, however, so it is easy for a player of moderate skill to complete it in one session.

The difficulty of this tank game increases as you progress through the levels, but luckily, you can upgrade your tank to keep it in fighting condition. If you just cannot wait to buy that shiny new upgrade that you have had your eye on, you can even purchase it right in the middle of combat! Just press the spacebar to open the upgrade interface. You can upgrade your cannon's power, your firing rate, and your armor. There is no right or wrong way to upgrade your vehicle in this tank game; it all depends on your style of play. If you are not the best at dodging bullets, you may want to upgrade your armor. If you like to spray enemies with bullets, then upgrading your firing rate is the best choice, but if you are a marksman, then it is best to upgrade your cannon's power to get more damage per shot. I personally prefer to keep a balanced tank, so I choose to upgrade all attributes equally when I have the money to do so. Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade your tank's speed in Cube Tank Arena.

Cube Tank Arena is a cute tank game that gamers of all skill levels can enjoy. It must also be noted that this tank game gets 3D graphics done efficiently. Most 3D Flash games tend to have slowdown, but Cube Tank Arena runs smoothly. Despite this fact, it will still take a reasonably-fast computer to run this game; the old Pentium III in the office probably won't cut it.