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Furious Tank Instructions

To accomplish your mission, move your tank with the WASD or arrow keys; aim and shoot with your mouse. Hit the P key to pause the game at any time, but don't waste too much time - you'll only have a certain amount of time in each mission to destroy all enemies.

Furious Tank Walkthrough

Furious Tank is, you guessed it, a tanks game where you have to destroy an enemy army. At the beginning of every level, you'll see how many enemies there are to destroy and how much time you have to do so. If you need any time in between, you can pause the game at any time with the P key - stopping the in game clock as well.

Moving around with the WASD, you'll have to shoot every enemy you come across - even soldiers. If you run into any of them, it'll damage your health, which is something you don' have a lot of. After killing the enemies in the allotted time, you'll be able to upgrade your weapons and purchase misc. upgrades at the shop. Some of these upgrades include stronger firepower, max health, and even infinite ammo - but they can be expensive.

As the rounds go on the enemies will become more numerous and stronger than ever. You'll have to upgrade your weapons to keep up with them, since running out of ammo can be deadly in Furious Tank as well. With tons of different ways to die, running into enemies, being shot by soldiers and tanks, and even running out of ammo, this is one game you'll have some trouble with if you've never played a tanks game before.

All in all, Furious Tank is pure madness - it's something you don't have to strategize about while playing, and that's a good thing. If you're having trouble with any level or particular enemy, be sure to upgrade your cannon as much as possible, and scout out levels to see where they're all at.