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Ghost Tank Instructions

To move your tank use either the WASD or arrow keys. To attack enemies, click and drag with your mouse in the direction you're aiming at. For a 360 attack, hit the CTRL button anytime during gameplay, and for a 3-second ghost mode with your tank, hit shift. The P key pauses the game at anytime.

Ghost Tank Walkthrough

More than your average tank game, Ghost Tank has three different modes to choose from - training mode, 5 simple levels to get used to the game, normal mode which consists of 45 different levels to complete, and insane mode - featuring 20 levels that are all nearly impossible.

If you've never played Ghost Tank before, it's recommended that you play the training mode at first since the aiming system is hard to get used to. Though it seems like it would be a good idea to aim and shoot, if you simultaneously click and drag your mouse over and over, you can launch a huge barrage of missiles at enemy reinforcements. After you've gotten the hang of the aiming system, go ahead and try out normal and insane mode.

Levels consist of a small battlefield filled with enemies - helicopters, turrets, moving tanks, and drones that plant mines as they fly by. All of these will be flying at you in later levels, so it's a good idea to save your bonuses until you really need them. The 360 attack, for instance, which can be activated by pressing CTRL, will launch a full-circle of missiles on the map, but you don't need that kind of fire power early levels, so save it.

Hitting shift will activate the Ghost Tank bonus where you're invisible (and invincible) to all enemies; use this power up at the start of harder levels since that's when you'll most likely be hit. And, as far as how many hits you can take in this game, it's only one or two before you die - so avoid enemy fire altogether as much as possible.