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Rating: 4.38/5 stars (40 ratings)

Hovernauts Instructions

Move left using 'a'. Move right using 'd'. Move up using 'w'. Move down using 's'. Aim with the mouse. Fire primary weapon with the left mouse button. Fire secondary weapon with 'space'. View the score screen using 't'.

Hovernauts Walkthrough

Hovernauts is an excellent multiplayer shooting game that allows you to team up with players from around the world in a real time shooting free for all that will keep your attention from the very beginning to the very end. With many excellent maps and game play modes to choose from, this game really offers something for everyone; from the newcomer to multiplayer shooting games to seasoned veterans of the genre. It isn't an easy game regardless of what mode you choose, but it is far too much fun to pass up. This is one of the most fully features multiplayer shooting games online offering a chat so you can talk with other players from around the world, a lobby area where you can choose your game, and the ability to join a game that's already in progress rather than waiting for a game to end for you to get involved. You're also able to create an account which will save all your vital stats so you can access them at any time. As you get more familiar with the game, you'll improve significantly, but it is really a game that takes a little getting used to. If you're having trouble in the beginning, as many newcomers will, stick with it. You'll get better as you go and will be able to play with the best of them with a little patience and practice.

The controls of Hovernauts will be a bit hard for a newcomer to multiplayer shooting games to get used to. More experienced players are likely going to be familiar with using both the mouse and keyboard to play a game, but that might be a bit hard for beginners to pick up. If you're new to the genre and are finding the multiplayer action a bit to intense to really allow you the chance to get used to the controls, consider trying out a single player online shooting game that uses mouse and keyboard controls to at least get the feel for how the controls work. Once you're feeling a little more confident, dive into this game. It's well worth playing and will keep you entertained if you take the time to develop your skills first. If you don't, you're going to feel overwhelmed with this one and won't want to keep playing. That would be a shame because this game is way too much fun to miss.

When you first begin to play Hovernauts, you'll be asked to choose your server. There are really only three options here so just choose the one that's closest to you. For example, Canada isn't an option, so if you're Canadian, choose the US location that most closely related to where you're from. If you're from British Columbia, choose US West. If you're from Nova Scotia, choose US East. If you're closer to Europe but not in Europe, choose Europe anyway. It really doesn't make a huge difference. You might want to support your country but really, fun as it is, it's just an online shooting game. Enjoy it for what it is. You're just choosing a server; not declaring allegiance to the flag.

Although you will need to either register an account or log in to an existing account if you want to access the chat feature in Hovernauts, you can choose to skip the process and play as a guest by clicking 'instant action' after you select your server. If you choose to play as a guest though, you not only lose out of the chat, you also lose the ability to create a profile and save your stats. This may not be a problem for someone just looking to casually check out the game, but if you enjoy the game and want to keep playing, register for an account. It's fun to keep track of your stats and to watch how you progress as time goes on. In addition, one of the best parts of multiplayer shooting games is being able to interact with other players. It's worth registering for access to the chat platform alone.

Overall, Hovernauts is an excellent multiplayer shooting game that will keep you entertained game after game. Check out the game and play a few times as a guest before you decide if you want to log in. The only real drawback of the game is the fact that it's sometimes hard to get the game to load properly. If you get 'problem' messages or aren't able to load past the intro screen, send an e-mail to the address provided in the game. Generally speaking you'll get a response fairly quickly helping you get back into the game or the problem will just sort itself out. It's worth sticking with though. Aside from some occasional bugs, this game is excellent and can be enjoyed by anyone of any experience level. Make use of the different hover tanks available to you and work with you team and you should be able to do just fine.