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Indestruc2Tank Instructions

So you are all set for some indestructible fun? Yeah? Then enjoy Indestruc2Tank! Here are the controls for your indestructible tank (which doesn't have any ammunition unfortunately) - use the arrow keys for moving your tank. And when your boom bar is all filled up, just hit the up button to get a lift and get your combo going.

Indestruc2Tank Walkthrough

Dirk Danger - you are the pilot of an indestructible tank in Indestruc2Tank. And you have different levels and challenges to go thorugh, BUT 3 words summarize your patriotic responsibilities - kick enemies' butts! And you have to do it non stop and in style if you want to bring your score to unprecedented heights.

In Indestruc2Tank, you use your enemies weapons to take them out. Catch a missile, get launched to the air, maneuver your indestructible tank, and hit bombers, airplanes, and helicopters. All of them can be taken down with one hit and doing so lifts your indestructible tank even higher. What does that mean? That means you can aerial combos as long as there are enemies around - hit one, get a lift, maneuver your tank, hit another bomb, and the cycle goes on for as long as you can keep it up.

BUT let me remind you, though, executing a 50 hit combo is pretty useless if you run out of fuel before finishing the course or mission. YES, you have heard that right, your time for every mission is pretty limited and you need to balance things out - get a high score and beat the clock at the same time. And to make Indestruc2Tank even more challenging, there are pitfalls and more traps as you progress in the game. One misstep could mean game over for you and you need to start from square one.

Indestruc2Tank - it's fun, comes with a refreshing gameplay, and's indestructible! Play Dirk Danger now and take on 3 missions with 15 stages in total. That's a surefire way to get keep you busy before your boring shift at the office or class ends. Just make sure you don't get caught and minimize the window when the situation demands it!