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IndestructoTank AE Instructions

The controls of Indestructo Tank AE are fairly easy. You use the arrow keys - left, right, up, and down to get your indestructible tank moving. And when you reach a full boom bar, just hit the up button for a good amount of lift and you are all set to hit those aerial units and go for a full swinged combo!

IndestructoTank AE Walkthrough

Indestructo Tank AE - this tank arcade game has a very interesting gameplay! YES, you have a tank and an indestructible one at that! BUT take note: your tank doesn't have any artillery or weapon. So what do you do? How do you destroy your enemies? Simple - HIT THEM with your tank!

The more aerial units you hit with your tank the higher your score gets. That's how you play the game. And one more tip to rack in points - stay in the air longer with combos - hitting 2 or more aerial units consecutively, will exponentially increase your score.

BUT how do you lift your tank? If in other tank games, your enemies' missiles are to be avoided like plague, in Indestructo Tank AE, you will be begging to be nuked (after all, you are indestructible). Each time you are hit by a missile, you are lifted from the ground allowing you to maneuver your tank in mid air to hit those airplanes and bombers. So when you see a missile coming from the sky, wait for it on the ground and catch it like a rare blessing from the gods!

So far, the highest combo I have made is a 18 - resulting to 211 additional points. Also, you can use the experience points you have gained to purchase and increase enemy frequency. YES, in Indestructo Tank AE you must learn to love your enemies. Quite a refreshing way to approach tank games I'd say!

First off, you have the bomber which is a standard enemy that delivers missiles. The bouncer, on the other hand, attacks you with missiles that have delayed explosion (it bounces before it explodes...what an apt name). Gunners, though, have this sort of "observe the enemy first" behavoir, they will hover around for some time before going in on a straight line and fire at you.

These are the basic enemies. BUT there are 2 enemies that are MUST haves in Indestructo Tank AE if you want your score to reach olympus - the Homer which unleashes tracking missiles...they will hit you no matter what as well as the Miner. The latter are ground units that when hit will give you maximum lift.

Indestructo Tank AE guarantees a bumpy, fun, and intense ride!