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IndestructoTank Launch Instructions

IndestructoTank Launch is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys (or WASD keys) to move your tank.

IndestructoTank Launch Walkthrough

IndestructoTank Launch is a Flash game released by ArmorGames to commemorate the launch (get it?) of the original IndestructoTank games for mobile devices. This tank game features excellent graphics, straightforward controls, and gameplay that pays homage to the original games of the IndestructoTank series with a few elements of distance games added in.

In the original IndestructoTank, enemies would drop bombs on your tank, which would propel you into the sky, allowing you to crash your invincible tank into enemy aircraft. In IndestructoTank Launch, your enemies have launched a satellite which prevents your enemies from firing. You will have to pierce the heavens and destroy that satellite! You have unlimited launches to complete your goal, and your progress is automatically saved after each.

IndestructoTank Launch uses the keyboard as its primary control device. Use the left and right arrow keys (or A and D keys) to move left and right respectively. Hold down the up arrow key (or W key) to activate your thrusters and fly upwards. You do not want to rely upon only your thrusters too much in this tank game, however; you will want to engage them to lift off of the ground, then bounce from aircraft to aircraft to gain more altitude. Your launch ends when you have hit the ground and you are out of fuel, so use your boosters in quick bursts to stay in the game longer.

Like other distance games, such as Hedgehog Launch, IndestructoTank Launch features an upgrade system to help you reach the top easier. It is probably possible to somehow beat the game without purchasing upgrades, but I strongly advise against trying to do so. The bonus and magnets upgrades are useful if you would like to earn cash faster, so it may be a good idea to buy them at the beginning of the game, since they become less useful later in the game after you have already bought the other upgrades. The most important upgrades in this tank game are the fuel tank, boosters, and bounce upgrades. Once you have fully upgraded these three, you will be able to beat the game easily.

IndestructoTank Launch is a rather brief game, but it is extremely well-designed to say that it is an advertisement game. Whether you intend to buy IndestructoTank for your mobile device or not, you can have a fun time playing this tank game!