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Last Moment Instructions

Last Moment is controlled by using the mouse and keyboard. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface, and issue orders to units. The WASD keys or arrow keys may be used to scroll the map. The shift key may be held to display unit life. The escape key may be used to exit repair or sell modes.

Last Moment Walkthrough

Last Moment is an innovative game that combines the tower defense game genre with the real-time strategy game genre. The game features a thrilling soundtrack, excellent sound effects, beautiful graphics, and awesome gameplay!

The objective of Last Moment is to ensure the survival of your MCV against enemy rebel forces. This is done by building defense towers, mobile units, and even just moving your MCV out of harm's way! Towers and units (including your MCV) may be commanded by clicking on them, then clicking on an enemy that you want them to attack, or an area that you want them to move to (if you are commanding a mobile unit).

To place a tower or build a unit in this strategy game, simply select the item that you wish to build on the right side of the interface. Towers must be placed within a certain distance of your MCV (indicated by a gray-shaded area around your MCV when deploying a tower). Mobile units are automatically deployed adjacent to your MCV, but may be ordered to move to any position on the map.

At any time in the game (or between waves), you may access the shop. The shop is used to buy upgrades, but the money that you use here is drawn from the same monetary pool that you use to build units and towers in this strategy game. I advise you to avoid spending lots of money on upgrades to start, but to at least buy the repair tower, which will automatically repair nearby units, and the ability to crush tanks with your MCV, which allows you to use your MCV as a deadly weapon to aid your defensive towers.

As you progress through this strategy game, you may also notice small icons appearing next to your units and towers. These icons indicate promotions, and are rewarded to your forces for destroying enemy units. Promoted vehicles and towers have faster rates of fire, and are more deadly to enemy forces. Be careful though, because enemy units can be promoted as well for destroying your forces.

If you are a fan of tower defense games or strategy games, then you are sure to love Last Moment. Even if you are not a fan of these genres, Last Moment is a strategy game that you should certainly check out!