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Lethal War Zone Instructions

Lethal War Zone is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse.
- Select units.
- Move units.
- Attack.
- Select a mouse action (produce, sell, repair, cancel).
- Produce units.
- Place buildings.

Space - unselect units and restore standard mouse action.
P - Pause.
R - Repair.
DEL - Sell.
C - Center to base.
Arrows or AWSD - Move Map.
Shift - Center to selected unit.
Shift+1 - Assign selection to team 1.
Shift+2 - Assign selection to team 2.
Shift+9 - Assign selection to team 9.
Shift+0 - Assign selection to team 0.
1 - Select team 1.
2 - Select team 2.
9 - Select team 9.
0 - Select team 0.

Lethal War Zone Walkthrough

Lethal War Zone is a real-time strategy game that is reminiscent of the Command and Conquer series. The game features detailed graphics, a wonderful soundtrack, a plethora of units, structures, and upgrades, and exhilarating gameplay.

The objective of Lethal War Zone is to destroy all enemy units and structures while defending your own base. To reach this end, you may employ defensive structures, ground units, and air units as you battle for supremacy in this real-time strategy game. If you feel as if your units lack fighting power, you may upgrade your units by using the research points that are earned after completion of each battle between missions. I advise upgrading your ground forces first, since these will make up the bulk of your army.

Lethal War Zone does not feature Tiberium or other minerals to harvest, but you still need money to keep your war effort going! Money is earned by capturing oil drills. The more oil drills that you possess, the more income you will have rolling in, so be sure to capture oil drills as soon as you can, and defend them well against your enemy. You may also want to build mineral processing plants to increase the amount of money that you receive from each oil drill.

Like in Command and Conquer, building multiples of a production building type in Lethal War Zone will cause it to produce units faster. You may also choose to reduce production time by a half if you are willing to pay double the price of the unit or structure. This is a great addition if you are in urgent need of units to protect your base, but I advise building doubles of production buildings rather than paying double unit costs, since it pays off more in the long run. Also, be sure to keep an eye on your power supply, because having low power will cause production times to be much slower, shut off your radar, and even cause some vital base defenses to shut down!

Lethal War Zone is a surprisingly complex real-time strategy game, and it's 100% free! If you enjoyed Command and Conquer or other real-time strategy games, you'll have a blast commanding your army in Lethal War Zone!