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Mindfields 2204 Instructions

Try to direct your tank to the exit of every level - point and click to place directions for your tank to follow. Watch out for enemy cannons unless you have a shield power-up.

Mindfields 2204 Walkthrough

More puzzle-based than anything else, Mindfields 2204 is a tricky flash game that will keep you guessing at every turn. The goal of every level is to get your tank from start to finish. To do so, you'll have to make a sequence for you tank to follow. You'll be given a set amount of tiles - each having a different direction on them - and you'll place them on the gridded map to direct your tank.

After placing all the tiles you have available, hit the start button to see how far your tank gets. Since each tile will direct the tank until it's either redirected by another tile or blocked by an object, you'll have to replace the tiles accordingly until you've found the correct path.

There are more than just direction tiles, too - like the shield tile, which protects your tank from being shot at. You can either avoid enemy tanks and turrets to do this, or you can place the shield tile one grid space before your tank will move past the enemy. If done correctly, your tank will be able to get past any enemy, for a few spaces. This is something you have to get the hang of right away - it's almost found in every level after the first few initial levels.

Mindfields 2204 is a challenging puzzle tank game - after every time you either run into something or get destroyed, you'll have to place the tiles all over again. This can get quite tedious when you have a lot of tiles to place or if you've been on the same level for a while. Try to avoid this by placing a small amount of tiles at first and figure out parts of the level one step at a time - don't take everything in at once. Especially in later levels of Mindfields 2204 where you'll have to make some very difficult and tricky sequences.