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Mud And Blood 2 Instructions

In Mud And Blood 2, your mouse will be doing most of the work. Your mouse's left click is used for almost everything - deploying soldiers to a certain point, getting them to recover supplies dropped through a parachuete, pushing forward (YES, you are defending BUT you can charge forward when the opportune time comes), and those are just to name a few. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the icons and what they do.

Mud And Blood 2 Walkthrough

If you are looking for some World War 2 game, where the odds are against you, and you want to rise like a phoenix from the ashes, then playing Mud And Blood 2 is a MUST! In this tank and war game, you are playing as a squad leader who is leading a small band of soldiers against a huge wave of German soldiers.

In Mud And Blood 2, you click or select a soldier and click where you want him to move. This may seem like a slow game BUT it's a game of anticipation (anticipating what your opponent would do) and decision making - weighing the possibilities, the pros and cons of taking up a position, and the list goes on and on. When you need to pause the game, just hit space bar and do whatever it is that you have to do (go to the bathroom, grab a phone call, etc.). Anyway,back to the game, soldiers you deploy will engage enemies that are standing by nearest to them.

Mind you though, they will not see enemies who are behind rocks and trees. Keep that in mind when deploying your soldiers. You sure don't want to spend time moving them around...looking at them as they sluggishly go from one place to another only to get them somewhere where they have little scope. The tactical points you earn should be used for upgrading and calling reinforcements - believe me buddy, you would need them.

Mud And Blood 2 - this game is more than a game - it's a god test of your decision making skills as well as your skills for adapting in a scenario where almost everything is against you. How you want to put up your show is up to you. Gain total freedom over how you want to construct your defense and with more than 42 options for your soldiers, weapons, buildings, air attacks, you are sure to come up with something devastating for your opponents.