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Omega Turret Defense Instructions

Defend yourself and don't allow your enemies to breach your defenses! How? In Omega Turret Defense, your mouse is your best friend - use it to aim and the left click for firing at those charging soldiers. When you have purchased a nuke, just press D to drop them and wipe out everything in sight. Want your artillery to go berserk? No problem! Just hit A and there you have it - your machine gun, shot gun, or whatever it is that you have goes on steroids.

Omega Turret Defense Walkthrough

In Omega Turret Defense, your duty is to shoot your incoming enemies with different weapons from your armory. Flak canon, shot gun, machine gun, rocket launcher - these are just some of the weapons you can lay your hands on. All you have to do is purchase an upgrade completing a wave of enemy soldiers.

So your turret and defenses are low on health? No problem, you can grab a huge or small defense upgrade at a price - and those are your points. See the twist? In Omega Turret Defense, you need to balance out survival and gaining a high score. Save up every point you earn and you are sure to be overrun by the incoming enemies. BUT spending all of your points is equal to kissing your dreams of being the highest pointer goodbye.

So which is which? Should you score high? Or should you survive and get tanked up to face the final wave? The decision is up to you in Omega Turret Defense.

At first, it seems that this game has no thrill or challenge. BUT as you progress later into more challenging enemy waves, you would notice that they charge at you at a faster pace! Not only that, they also come in tanks and armored vehicle that are harder to take out.

BUT worry NOT! You have nukes and artillery barage available. Just hit D and you will see the shadow of a massive plane on the screen. And in no time, it will drop a devastating bomb that will wipe out everything in sight. However, you should keep in mind that nukes should only be used when stuck in a desperate situation...those situations when your defenses are running low on health and you are being overrun. Nukes are expensive and you can only use them once in every level.

So far, from the weapons I have uncovered, the shotgun is one of the most practical. It deals truckloads of damage, covers a wide range, takes out armored vans in 2 shots - what more can you ask for?

I'm pretty sure there are better weapons in Omega Turret Defense. And it's up for you to discover.