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Raging Steel Instructions

Just like most tank games out there, the controls of Raging Steel is very straightforward and easy to pick up on - use the W, A, S, and D keys for moving your tank. The mouse, on the other hand, is for rotating your cannon and the left click is for firing and obliterating those enemy tanks. Nothing fancy and nothing complicated as far as control schemes go.

Raging Steel Walkthrough

Raging Steel - the premise of the game is simple...it's as easy as the controls: your objective is to destroy as many hostile units (these are tanks, turrets, armed watch towers, and everything else in between) as possible without being destroyed. The premise is simple BUT achieving that objective is a different matter.

You only have one life BUT your tank has a lot of armor. Don't abuse that and think you are invulnerable, though, as it can only take too much punishment. And let me tell you this: the enemies are very unforgiving. If you are expecting for the enemies to take it easy on you in the initial parts (just moving around, throwing a missile or two against you and waits for you to fire back), then you are mistaken. They will pummel you and obliterate you to pieces when you give them the chance!

One vital thing you need to keep in mind is that your cannon can autofire - just hold on to the left click button and it should fire away continuously. You don't want to frantically click on the screen while dodging those bullets and missiles, which on their own is very tiring.

Another key to surviving the game and going as far as you can is to dodge the enemy bullets by moving laterally and using the mouse to accurate fire back and demolish them. Now, this isn't very easy as the A and D buttons don't steer on their own...you need to combine them with the W or S keys. Not to mention the tank you are maneuvering feels a little sluggish (well, it's NOT a sports car, what do you expect?!). It's almost impossible not to get hit.

In simpler terms: you will die in this game...PERIOD. BUT don't worry: after dying you will be awarded.

"You Are Posthumorously Awarded With The (Color Of The Medal Goes Here) Medal For Your Courage And Valor In The Battle Field!"

That's what you'll find in the screen after being destroyed. I don't know about you BUT I haven't gone past the Purple Medal award (which speaks of how incompetent I am). Why not give it a shot and see how far you can go in Raging Steel?