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Raiders Instructions

Use the WASD or arrow keys to scroll the game map; point and click to purchase, direct, and command tanks to destroy the enemy.

Raiders Walkthrough

In the tank game Raiders, you'll be on one end of the battlefield while your computer opponent is on the other. You'll have to purchase tanks to defeat your opponent, and after a few levels, the tanks you'll be able to purchase will get stronger, faster, and more expensive.

You'll start each level with a set amount of money to purchase tanks with. As you fight the enemy combatants that are sent towards your base, you can destroy them for money or get extra money by picking up dollar-sign bonus orbs. There are also power-ups for your tanks and health packs you can pick up with your tanks when you're travelling across the map. If you don't use these power ups effectively, the enemy will almost always have an edge on you so it's important that you pick them up as soon as you see them. To pass each round, simply destroy the enemy base on the opposite side of the map - use the in game minimap to see which way enemy tanks are moving and where they're located.

There are nine different tank parts to choose from in Raiders: three different tracks to move with, three different guns to destroy your enemy with, and three different AI chips to make your tanks more clever and intelligent in battle. You can unlock all of them after passing a few rounds, and you don't always have to build the most expensive tank when you're picking parts - you can build a slow, stupid tank with the best gun (which may be a bad idea), but it works if you're on a tight budget.

Overall, Raiders is a simple tank game that's fun to waste time with. If you do end up unlocking all of the tank parts to choose from, make sure you use cheaper parts if you're low on funds - otherwise, go all out and purchase the strongest tank you can get.