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Shield Defense Instructions

Use your mouse to aim the shield that protects your base. Use the P key or click on the pause button in the corner to pause the game at anytime. If you have the sticky shield upgrade, you can fire stuck projectiles by clicking with the left mouse button.

Shield Defense Walkthrough

Shield Defense is an interesting take on the tank game genre. Instead of going all out with your tank, you'll be defending your base from every enemy tank there is. To defend your base, you'll be using a shield - hence the name Shield Defense - that reflects enemy fire. To destroy all enemies you'll have to reflect enough shots back at enemy tanks. After every completed level, you'll be able to purchase upgrades with cash and spend bonus points on bonus upgrades.

Levels will consist of twelve enemy tanks, and you can check your progress on the right side of the game screen. You'll earn cash for every enemy destroyed and round completed, and the money you save between rounds will gain 5% interest. Take advantage of this feature in later levels when you'll need more upgrades.

And, depending on the difficulty setting you chose at the beginning of the game, Shield Defense will give you so many bonus points every three or five rounds. Use these bonus points to unlock bonus upgrades - more powerful upgrades that will give your base a better chance of survival.

There are fifty rounds to play through in Shield Defense, and every round will present a new combination of enemies. If you don't have the sticky shield upgrade, only try to reflect enemy fire at the original shooter - it's almost impossible to reflect shots at other tanks. With the sticky shield upgrade, which is only $1000, you'll be able to shoot back enemy projectiles, making the game much easier - buy it as soon as you can.