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Squash The Bugs Instructions

Playing this game is pretty easy - just use the arrow keys to control the tank and squash the bugs...that's it! For you to complete a level, you need to take out all of the bugs within the time limit.

Squash The Bugs Walkthrough

Squash The Bugs - the title of the game pretty much says what you have to do. See a beetle? Then what are you waiting for run over it, squash it, and leave its juicy remains on the floor. Sounds easy? Yes, it does until you actually play the game! Aside from the fact that there is a time limit, the bugs are moving really fast. Just when you think you are about to get one, they will outrun you and you are back to square one.

Things get even harder when you realize that maneuvering your tank is NOT as easy. And there is a part in the map where you can get stuck (lower left area) and you can only watch as the bugs run around and your time flies. Viola! In a moment's notice, it's game over for you.

Flexible fingers and kill the bugs as fast as you can - there's no other way to get around it. That's the only way you can win Squash The Bugs. You may be thinking, why on earth does the chef have a tank and not have any artillery in it? Well, I wondered about the same thing, too. Think about it - you are up against bugs only (fast moving ones at that) and if your tank has some sort of weapon, Squash The Bugs would be a very cheesy and unchallenging game.

Earn more points for having more time remaining. In the graphics department, Squash The Bugs can be played even on a PC that's a little old with a not so new video card. There you have it - Squash The Bugs - fast paced game (and a little slimy, too) that you can play no matter where you are (YES, even at the office just don't get caught).