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Steamlands Instructions

Steamlands is controlled by using the mouse and the keyboard.. Click and drag blocks to place them and build your tank. Click on the engine room then click on a block on your tank to repair it. Click on a gun then click on enemies to aim and fire. Click and drag the level at the bottom of the screen to move your tank. The Z and X keys can be used to move your tank left and right respectively. You may use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move the camera.

Steamlands Walkthrough

Steamlands is a tank game taking place in an alternate world. This tank game features pixel graphics, a unique premise, and over forty battles!

The goal of Steamlands is to enemies and accomplish any other objectives stated in the mission briefing. You must accomplish your tasks without your tank being destroyed by enemies. If your enemies manage to overwhelm you, don't worry, you'll still have a chance to try again without losing any of your items. This tank game has over forty levels, so don't expect to finish in one sitting. Fortunately, your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each mission, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Steamlands can be controlled by using the mouse alone, but there are keyboard shortcuts available that make things easier to manage. Click and drag salvaged items to place them on your tank. To attack enemies, click on the gun that you wish to fire with or click on your engine room, then click on the enemy that you wish to attack. To move your tank, click and drag the gear shift at the bottom of the screen to the desired position, or use the Z and X keys to move it in increments. Coal is required for your vehicle to move in this tank game, so if you're hurling it at enemies, your tank will remain stationary!

The feature that makes Steamlands unique in comparison to other tank games is its upgrade system. Although you can visit a shop before some missions, the majority of upgrades will be acquired by using parts that are found on the battlefield or salvaged from destroyed enemies. When placing objects on your tank, make sure to place guns in the front, facing the enemy. Armor should be placed in front of your tank as well as on top of your engine room. The engine room is the most critical part of a tank; it provides power to move the tank and fuel guns, can be used to attack enemies, and most importantly, if it is destroyed, then the tank is destroyed!

Steamlands is a challenging and unique tank game that will appeal to hardcore gamers and casual players alike. Rule New Britannia and drive the pirates out of your land in this splendid tank game!