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Steel Grinder Instructions

Steel Grinder is controlled by using the keyboard and mouse. The WASD keys or arrow keys may be used to move your tank. The mouse is used to aim and fire. The spacebar is used to pause the game and open the upgrades menu.

Steel Grinder Walkthrough

Steel Grinder is a tank game presented from a top-down perspective. This tank game has gameplay similar to arena shooting games, and features graphics and audio reminiscent of mid-1990s arcade games.

The objective of Steel Grinder is to defend your planet from waves of enemy invaders. At the end of some waves, you will have to fight enemy bosses, giant tanks with lots of health and extremely deadly weapons! Defeating bosses will refill your health bar, as well as unlock various new weapons that you can use against your enemies! This tank game features eight bosses that must be defeated.

Destroying enemies in Steel Grinder doesn't just advance the game and increase your score, but it also fills up the experience bar (the yellow bar to the bottom left of the screen, underneath your life bar). When this bar is filled, you are rewarded with one skill point, which may be used to purchase upgrades in the upgrade menu, which may be accessed at any time by pressing the spacebar. From this menu, you may equip a different weapon, or purchase upgrades with your available skill points. I suggest upgrading your armor, to make your tank more resilient, and upgrading your reload time to give you a faster rate of fire. Finally, you may wish to upgrade your movement speed if you are having trouble dodging enemy fire. The firepower upgrade is not necessary, since some enemies drop temporary double damage powerups, and defeating bosses will give you more powerful weapons at no cost.

Steel Grinder features a variety of weapons that should be used under different circumstances. I found that it is best to use rapid-fire weapons to defeat basic enemies, while slower-firing, more powerful weapons are best used against the large enemy bosses. Experiment with the different weapons in the arsenal of this tank game to find your favorite!

If you are a fan of tank games or arena shooting games, Steel Grinder is the perfect game for you. Arcade action, a great upgrade system, and addicting gameplay await in Steel Grinder!