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Super Tank Instructions

The controls of this intense and action packed tank game, with hand drawn graphics is fairly simple and straightforward. Use your arrow keys to move your tank - up, down, left, and right directional arrow keys...that's what you have to keep in mind. And for obliterating those enemy tanks, press A or S once you have unlocked it. That's it!

Super Tank Walkthrough

Sure enough, this is one of the more intense and exciting tank games you can lay your hands on. In Super Tank, you need to battle through 5 intense levels. Along with that, you need to upgrade your tank by defeating the bosses on every level. You simply cannot underestimate the need for upgrades - your enemies get beefier and more dangerous after every level.

With 100 percent hand drawn graphics, swift game play, and simple BUT action packed plot, Super Tank is one of those tank games that are MUST-play. If you are baffled and can't seem to get past the bosses, here are some hints and tips you'd do best to keep in mind.

First Level And First Level Boss: The first level is fairly easy to deal with. Just go ahead and move right, destroy enemies as they come and there's no jumping required. When dealing with the boss on this level, you need to evade not just the boss but the bullets as well. And when you see that button on the floor, when it flashes, step on it. Do this twice and that should take care of the boss.

Second Level And Second Level Boss: Move right until you reach the moving platforms. Once you are there, move up until you reach the cliff. Jump on the small chunk to the right and leap to the left. You should reach the spike pit. There, you should wait until the moving platform reaches you. Jump on it and proceed left. Dealing with the boss on the second level doesn't take anything special: just jump on it when it charges towards you and it will hit the spike wall. Do this ten times and his health will dwindle down to zero.

Third Level And Boss: Shoot the boulder that's blocking your way. Go all the way up using the elevator. Kill the eye - to do so you need to shoot the white of the eye three times. By the way, shoot it only when it is opened. After you have dealt with the eye, move right and kill the birds using 3 shots each while jumping over the spikes. Going right, jump across the platforms until you reach the boss. The boss at this level isn't as easy now: you need to keep shooting while evading the attacks, which takes a lot of skill. This should kill him eventually. Also, keep an eye on his status and health bar.

As for the 4th and 5th level bosses, you just need to do the same thing as in the third level boss. The problem though is how to get that far. In level four, you need to shoot the walls til they break. You will then reach the skullbot and you need to demolish him to get past that room. After that, you will find the dual skullbots. Same thing - kill them or get killed.

On the fifth level, just go right. You will find a machine gun. The key here is to repeatedly shoot it while keeping his hits dpwn to a minimum. Even better, get past that machine gun. It will not turn to your direction allowing you to fire at will...and he won't fire back!