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Tank 2007 Instructions

WASD keys will move your tank around while you're aiming and shooting with your mouse; fire missiles by pressing the spacebar. Ram enemies if you're low on ammo, but beware that it will inflict damage on your own tank. Destroy as many extra buildings as you can for extra cash - purchase upgrades at anytime during gameplay by highlighting the "shop" tab on the right side of the screen.

Tank 2007 Walkthrough

If you've never played an online tank game before, Tank 2007 is probably a good place to start. With a ton of different enemies to destroy, including turrets, tanks, aircrafts, and soldiers, you'll be playing each round for quite a while before you can move on to the next - not because enemies are difficult to destroy, but because there's so many to destroy.

Besides destroying enemies, however, you'll be able to destroy buildings and just about anything that gets in your way. There is a point to doing it though - you'll earn extra cash for making anything explode, and you can use that cash to purchase upgrades to improve your weapons, health, and other various upgrades.

While playing Tank 2007, make sure you focus on destroying nearby buildings and obstacles as much as you focus on destroying enemy tanks. You'll earn almost double the amount of cash you normally would, and it doesn't take that much extra time.

After destroying all enemy tanks, aircraft, and soldiers on a map, you'll be transferred to the next map where you'll have to start fighting all over again. If you're having trouble with enemy aircraft, purchase plenty of secondary weapons (fire missiles with the spacebar) to take them out.

With plenty of levels to fight your way through, Tank 2007 is all about mindless fun; especially since you can destroy practically anything in every level. When looking for a tank game that's easy to pick up and hard to put down, Tank 2007 is exactly what you need to play.