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Tank Blitz Zero Instructions

Tank Blitz Zero is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. WASD or the arrow keys are used to move your tank. The 1, 2, and 3 keys are used to directly switch to a weapon. The Q and E keys, or shift keys may be used to cycle through weapons. The R key reloads weapons. The spacebar or numeric keypad 0 may be used to launch rockets, if available. The mouse is used to aim and shoot.

Tank Blitz Zero Walkthrough

Tank Blitz Zero is a well-designed tank game where you control a prototype tank as a lone warrior against an enemy army. This tank game features four difficulty levels, a variety of upgrades, and an innovative weapons system.

The objective of Tank Blitz Zero is to break through enemy lines, destroying enemy units as you go. This is a daunting task, because you are operating as a single unit with no allies to aid you on this mission. Luckily, your V-1 Venom Assault Tank is a mobile arsenal, armed with machine guns, mortars, and cannons to pack a wallop against your enemies!

Learning to use the variety of weapons at your disposal is paramount to your success in Tank Blitz Zero. The machine guns (directly-accessed by using the 2 key) deal the least damage, but have the highest rate of fire. The machine guns are great against light targets, but can be useful against heavier targets when they are sped up. The longer you fire your machine gun, the faster they will fire, but be careful not to overheat them, or you will not be able to fire for a while!

The cannon (accessed by pressing the 3 key) is your primary weapon in Tank Blitz Zero. The cannon is a direct-fire weapon that deals moderate damage against targets. Your cannon has a limited number of shells per magazine (displayed at the bottom right of the game's interface), and

must be reloaded between magazines. This will happen automatically after the magazine has been emptied, but may also be invoked manually by pressing the R key. If you manage to click while the reload marker is in the green zone, your next magazine will fire faster, more powerful rounds!

The final, and most destructive weapon in Tank Blitz Zero is the mortar (accessed by pressing the 1 Key). Unlike the other weapons, this weapon is an indirect-fire weapon, and will arc over the battlefield until it reaches its target. Hold down your mouse button to increase the power of your shot, and release when you feel that you have enough range on your shot. The mortar shell will then be released, and will do massive splash damage wherever it lands.

Each of the weapons in this tank game have limited ammunition (unless you are playing on the "Rookie" difficulty level), so you must conserve your ammunition. Throughout the game, you may encounter ammo pickups by destroying enemies or opening crates. Be sure to collect these items so that you can stay combat-effective!

Tank Blitz Zero is an addicting tank game that you are sure to enjoy! If you love frantic action, exhilarating gameplay, and detailed graphics, then Tank Blitz Zero is just the shooting game for you!