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Tank Destroyer Instructions

Mastering the controls of Tank Destroyer is NOT too hard. The Escape along with the R button is for entering or pausing the game. On the other hand, the W, A, D, and S or the arrow / directional keys are used for moving your tank around. As usual, the left click or button of your mouse is for firing your weapon. The space bar, on the other hand, is for planting a mine. The F button is for firing a rocket and to go on auto pilot, just hit the P button.

Tank Destroyer Walkthrough

Tank Destroyer - this game has a huge resemblance to Battle City, a family computer game that had quite a following (including me that is!). Just like the latter game, in Tank Destroyer, you need to drive your tank adeptly or you will be caught in the middle of tanks (mind you, they really are beefy and hard to take out) that will fire non stop until your health bar is out and it's game over for you.

HOWEVER, you are not going in this battle barehanded. For every enemy tank you take out, you will find different bonuses and power ups as a reward. Repairs for your damaged tank, armor, barrier, or whatever you call it that prevents enemies from damaging you (it's limited just like your life bar), additional land mines, more rockets, and those are just to name a few.

A Tip: so you are already being surrounded by tanks from left, right, and center? Then use a rocket to take an opponent out in a moment's instance. Your rockets deal heavy damage (thankfully, your enemies don't have those) - shredding about half of their life bars. BUT mind you, use those rockets wisely as you only have 2 of them to begin with.

Landmines, on the other hand, should be used on choke points where the enemies would most likely pass. BUT that's not all. In Tank Destroyer, there are 5 basic weapons in total and you have to unlock them along the way. You can also grab powerful upgrades from the shop (just press R to enter it and pause the game). With 6 different achievements along with 22 ranks in Tank Destroyer, you are sure to have very long hours of tank destroying fun!