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Tank Destroyer 2 Instructions

Use the ESC key to pause the game and check your achievements, the WASD or arrow keys to move around while the Q and E keys switch weapons. Press space bar to enter and exit tanks, F to interact with objects and fire missiles; point and click to aim and shoot.

Tank Destroyer 2 Walkthrough

Tank Destroyer 2 is a hectic action game, one where you're supposed to kill every turret and enemy tank before you can move on to the next level. To do this, you'll be given a tank and a soldier - you can exit the tank and fight on your own, but you'll die really quickly, so it's best to stay in the tank. After completing enough missions, you'll unlock new weapons and vehicles to mow your enemies down with, so if you're playing mission mode, it's worthwhile.

To those who have never played a tank game before, Tank Destroyer 2 should be your first, and with good reason. It's the sequel to the popular Tank Destroyer game, but it has tons more enemies, missions, and weapons to use. Don't play the original - stick with the sequel.

When you start playing Tank Destroyer 2, you'll be sent on your first mission. Your objective is simple enough: as said before, destroy every enemy tank and turret. While doing this, you'll come across enemy soldiers, but you're not required to kill all of them; they spawn repeatedly anyways. You can exit your vehicle at any time, maybe to maneuver around a certain obstacle, or to get a certain achievement unlocked by killing enemy soldiers while out of your tank, but it's really easy to get killed while you're outside of your tank - so don't do it!

If you ever have trouble controlling your vehicle, just look where the exhaust is coming from, and you'll get your bearings again. Driving a tank isn't the easiest thing in the world, but destroying enemy turrets and tanks in Tank Destroyer 2 is surprisingly enjoyable, and overall a challenging game. In between rounds, you'll be able to spend upgrade points on anything ranging from the speed of your tank to an optional shield that will help defend your vehicle.

When fighting turrets and tanks, too, make sure that you pick up as many bonuses as you can - they'll give you more health and missiles, so don't ignore them - every time you fight a turret, they can inflict quite a bit of damage, so try to maneuver out of their line of sight.