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Tank In Action Instructions

Like other tank games out there, the entire game is played with the keyboard and mouse: (1) Press A to move left, D to move right, W and S to tilt your tank left and right respectively. (2) Aim and fire by using your mouse and its left click button.

Tank In Action Walkthrough

One of the better tank games that invaded gaming sites like Newgrounds.com - this is Tank In Action! It got so popular in the said site that it won a Daily 4th place award back in December 2009. Well, so much about the awards and achievements of this tank game. Let's have a closer look at the game play.

Tank In Action - Game Play

Unlike other tank games where the objective, usually, is to search and destroy enemy units, Tank In Action is more of a physics-based and racing type tank game where your objective is to finish ALL of the levels as fast as possible.

You will find yourself driving horizontally, left to right, wrestling against gravity as you climb up hills, cross over lakes and pits. Of course, a tank game's explosiveness and action always counts for a lot, and the developers of this flash game are very well aware of that. You will face obstacles of different kinds and sizes, and you need to blast your way through them. The level is finished when you reach the end and get to the flag.

Looking at the bottom left portion of the screen, you will see how much progress you have made. The time you spend for each level adds up by the way. If you destroy certain obstacles and objects along the way (cars driving in opposite direction for example), you are rewarded with bonus points and they are added to your end-level score. Oh! When you get to the Stage Bonus, perform as best as you can... it's an excellent way of decreasing the time you took to finish the level.

Obstacles And Hurdles In Tank In Action

As mentioned, there are a couple of obstacles that you will encounter. You will find funky little structures that pop out of nowhere, counter-flowing cars, and those are just to name a few. Heck! You may even run into some people. While most buildings don't really hinder your progress, you will find several that leave you with no choice but to blast them. In some of the levels, you have to shoot certain objects to create a bridge that will allow you to cross lakes, endless pits, etc. YES! This game is has a good dose of strategy and decision making tests in it.

Keep An Eye On Your Health!

Just like in most tank games, in Tank In Action, you have to keep an eye on your tank's health. It's located on the top right portion of the screen. When you fall on anything other than the wheels of your tank, you will sustain some damage... and as we all know, if it runs out, you have to start from square one.

Just below your health bar, you will find four balls - these are the available ammunition you have. Just click and fire away. And don't worry about it too much as it regenerates automatically.

Some Good To Know Options

To access the options menu, just click on the button and it will take you there whether you are in or out of the game. From there you can toggle the game's sound effects, the music, tweak the video quality between low, middle, or high... and those are just to name a few.