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Tank Patrol Instructions

As with other tank games, Tank Patrol is played with the mouse and keyboard: use the W, A, S, and D keys for basic movement. The mouse (and its left click button especially), on the other hand, is for aiming and shooting down enemies. Check out the instructions.

Tank Patrol Walkthrough

If you're the tank games' fan who doesn't want to hide behind a pile of bricks or steel walls for extra protection, if you are the sort who has no quibble in taking on all comers, Tank Patrol is a tank game you should check out! In this game, you will be right in the center of attraction... and enemy tanks, missile launchers, etc. will come from all directions. It's up to you to obliterate them and survive the onslaught to see the next level!

Game Play

Being a 3 dimensional game, the W, A, S, and D keys (for basic movement) don't work the way they do in 2D tank games. It all depends on where your tank is facing. Face in the right direction, move about - get the combination right and you should have no trouble evading slow enemy missiles. It's kind of hard to pick up at first, BUT with a little bit of practice, you should be good to go.

Things To Keep An Eye On

There are a couple of things you always want to keep in check when playing Tank Patrol. First and foremost, take good care of your health bar by evading as many enemy attacks as possible. If this gets drained, you will lose a life. And you only have 5 lives for the whole game (indicated by the heart icons on the left top part of the screen).

Along with that, you should also take good note of your reload bar. You can only fire after that bar is filled. Moving forward, let's take a look at upgrades.

Upgrade Options

While, initially, your tank and weapons system doesn't really stand out (and sometimes dwarfed by other enemy units) except for the fact that you have multiple lives, the game's upgrade options will help you build a BIGGER, faster, and deadlier tank. They can be bought using the points you have earned in the game. Once bought, they will permanently increase your fighting capabilities.

Be reminded though that prices increase after they are bought. To buy an upgrade, just hover over the text and click... and they are automatically installed to your tank. The upgrades are: extra missiles, additional and tougher armor, increase speed, increase damage, and chassis.

Enemies Left: On the game screens' lower left corner, you will find how many enemies are left, which still need your 'attention'. The enemies for every level are composed of missiles, large and tough tanks that are slow BUT soak up a lot of damage, as well as small, fast-moving, but easy to kill vehicles that dish out missiles.

Well, I think I have covered the basics of the game pretty well. While there is no tutorial or beginner missions that will allow you to get a good grasp of things before getting on the REAL game, the initial levels are easy even for a total newbie.