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Tank Takeover Instructions

Scroll your cursor across the map to move your tank, while pressing the WASD keys to change the color of your force field. Run into an enemy tank to destroy it, but if you have the wrong color force field up, your tank will take damage.

Tank Takeover Walkthrough

Tank Takeover is a sequel to the popular Turret Takeover - but in this game, there's a lot more action and you'll be able to do a lot more damage. Instead of controlling a turret this time, you'll be guarding the turret itself. There are still plenty of enemy tanks to destroy too, so you'll find no shortage of those, and you'll be able to purchase upgrades in between rounds like last time also.

To destroy enemy tanks in Tank Takeover, like Turret Takeover you'll have to use the correct color. In that game it was firing the turret, but in this one you'll have to run into them with the tank you control with your mouse. It's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it - use the WASD keys while you're moving to change your force field on the fly, and take out tanks that are nearest to the base.

Some of the upgrades you'll be able to purchase include more life for your own tank, powerful upgrades that will make you stronger, and you'll be able to purchase a turret itself to place on the base you're guarding, making the game a little bit easier.

If you don't find enough of a challenge in Tank Takeover, you can try out rampage mode. In rampage mode, you don't have to worry about colors or running into the wrong colored enemy tank - they're completely taken out of the game. So, you don't have to worry about your own tank being destroyed, just the base you're protecting being destroyed. This makes the game a lot easier, but at the same time, it gets a lot more hectic since you'll be fighting off a lot more enemy tanks at once. To make things worse, you won't be able to purchase upgrades in between rounds and waves of enemy tanks, so it's a hit or miss kind of mode. If your base gets hit by an enemy tank once, it's an instant game over. But, to make thinks kind of easier, the turret you can buy as an upgrade normally will be added in rampage mode - giving you a tiny edge on the competition.