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Tank'd in a Room Instructions

Use the arrow keys to move your tank around - pressing two at a time will let you move your tank diagonally, and use the WASD keys to fire in their respective directions - pressing two at the same time will allow you to shoot at enemy tanks diagonally. Pick up any orbs that you see on the map to gain bonuses and power ups.

Tank'd in a Room Walkthrough

Tank'd in a Room is a tanks game with a very simple premise - you're in control of a tank, you're stuck in a room, and enemy tanks are being sent into the room through three conveyer belts. Although Tank'd in a Room does have a simple premise, that doesn't mean it's not a fun game to play. With various upgrades ranging from extra points to force fields, and enemies that grow stronger as the waves go on, Tank'd in a Room is a perfect time waster, whether you're playing for an hour or only a few minutes.

With the beginning of each round come hordes of enemy tanks. At first, they may seem easy and not so tough, but as the rounds go on you'll notice tan tanks, that take two hits to kill, and beyond that even stronger enemies that you'll only be able to damage with certain upgrades.

You get upgrades by running them over with your tank. Some of these include the bomb upgrade, which makes your ammo shoot through tanks and able to hit more than just one, and the spread shot upgrade, which lets you shoot three missiles at a time instead of just one. These upgrades only last for a limited time, though, so it's important to use them while you have them, especially in later levels.

Next, it's important to note that the sooner you destroy an enemy tank, the more points you get for doing so. If you can, try to destroy the tanks right when they're just coming off the conveyer belts. Sometimes it's easier to do this if you use diagonal shots. You can shoot at enemy tanks diagonally by pressing to WASD keys at once - try it out until you've got the hang of it.

Overall, Tank'd in a Room may be a simple game, but the later levels are anything but simple. You'll have to shoot and strafe at the same time if you want to survive, and you'll be using upgrades as soon as you grab them, making this tanks game one you'll be getting into.