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Tanks Instructions

Tanks - alright, this is NOT the most creative name you can come up for sure. BUT it's definitely one of the more relaxed tank games out there. The controls, which may not be as easy as using your arrow keys, are still easy to pick up. Press Left and Right to get your tank moving. To rotate your cannon and tweak your aim, the Up and Down directional keys should help you get the right angle. Once you are sure your missile would hit, it's time to tweak the power of your throw - Page Up and Page Down buttons is used for adjusting your firepower. Once all of the stuff above are taken care of, it's time to hit the Space Bar to fire away!

Tanks Walkthrough

If you are looking for tank games which focuses more on judgment rather than frantically clicking all over the screen to win, then Tanks is a game you should check out. So you are a fan of console games like Worms and online blockbusters like Gunbound? Yeah? If that's the case, you will love Tanks even more.

Tanks is a turn based strategy and tank shooting game where you need to toss a missile up in the air with the RIGHT angle - with the intention of turning that tank on the other side of the screen into a piece of junk! You need to make every shot count and deal as much damage as you can. HOWEVER, you better do it fast or your tank will be the one end up being a piece of crap.

Want to deal maximum damage? Aside from getting the right angle and right firepower, you can switch to MORE powerful weapons. There are a couple of weapons available at your disposal (most of them need unlocking though except for the Volcano Bomb) - Small Atom Bomb, Atom Bomb, Shower, Hot Shower, Small Ball, Ball, Large Ball, Small Ball (version 2), Ball (version 2), Large Ball (version 2), and those are just to name a few.

Each of these weapons have their own destructive power. BUT let me remind you, they are pretty limited in numbers so make sure every time you use any of these special and very destructive weapons, they hit the right target. YES, they need to hit the right target. They can easily back fire and obliterate you instead if you are not careful. In light of that, you better pay attention to the wind direction (look at the direction of the clouds, where they are going and how fast). It could spell the difference between a clear hit or a near-hit.

At the beginning of the game, there are 3 terrains to choose from: mountains, forest, desert. If you can't seem to make up your mind, select Random. By the way, the terrains in the selection are not the only terrains available. I have played in snow, which is a very difficult place to handle especially for the players on the right side where their shot is being obstructed by a towering mountain.

You can have your friends play it with you or you can go up against a computer. If you think you have the skills, then go for the latter option. The computer is an excellent calculating and attacking machine that will punish you for your mistakes.

Play the game and have fun!