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Tanks and towers Instructions

Use the WASD keys to scroll the map, or click on the minimap in the top-right corner to shift the map quickly. Point and click to direct your troops to victory - train offensive units to attack opposing forces, and defensive towers to protect your own MCV; if it's destroyed, you lose. Destroy the enemies' MCV to win.

Tanks and towers Walkthrough

With a survival mode, a tower defense mode, and tons of missions to unlock and accomplish in mission mode, Tanks and Towers is a tank game that's worth playing. If you've ever played a tank game before, then you'll already know that it's all about building new troops, attacking enemy troops, and protecting your own base. In this case, you have to defend your MCV from the enemy troops. To help you defend it, you'll be able to build towers - a tower defense aspect added to the game - as well as surround it with troops.

While protecting your own MCV, your mission is to destroy the enemies' MCV. To do that, you'll have a ton of different tanks and vehicles to train and build. Each has its own unique strength and weakness, like how light tanks fare better against saboteur vehicles, but they're prone to medium tanks. You'll have to organize your own tanks carefully to avoid specific weaknesses. There are eight different towers to build in your own defense and eight different tanks you can use to destroy your enemy. You can't just build them over and over, though. Your funds will be constantly increasing over time, but over small increments, so you'll have to bide your time when planning an all-out attack.

Or, a real challenge with Tanks and Towers can be found with survival mode, but you should probably know the gist of the game pretty well before you try that out. To attack your enemy, drag and click your mouse over a group of friendly tanks, and click where you want them to go. If you happen to click on an enemy, hopefully on purpose, your tanks will initiate an attack and that's where the fighting starts. If you want your tanks to guard a certain area, hold down CTRL when clicking where you want them to go.

It may seem like protecting your MCV is top priority, but utterly destroying enemy tanks with a huge offensive force is just that much more fun. Tanks and Towers won't disappoint in that sense; this tank game is one worth playing.