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Thanks Tanks Instructions

Thanks Tanks is controlled by using the mouse. Hover your mouse over a unit to see the orders that you can give it. Click on the order that you want to give to order the unit. Move your mouse to the edges of the screen to scroll the camera.

Thanks Tanks Walkthrough

Thanks Tanks is a strategy game that puts you in command of your very own army of tanks. The game features artistic graphics, a save game system, numerous upgrades, and a soundtrack that will get you pumped up for war!

The objective of Thanks Tanks is to completely destroy your enemies on each level. You must obliterate the enemy tank armies, as well as capture all of their bases to proceed to the next level in this strategy game. You do not control the tanks directly, but instead must issue orders to each of your tanks. Your tanks will automatically engage enemy units that are in range, and will attempt to capture any bases that they come across.

To give an order to your tanks in Thanks Tanks, simply mouse over the tank that you wish to issue an order to, and click the button that corresponds to your desired order. From left-to-right, the three orders that you may issue to a tank are: "stand guard", which causes you tank to hold its position, "attack, run away when hurt", which causes your tank to proceed forward, but retreat when it is badly damaged, and "never surrender", which causes your tank to push forward, regardless of how badly it is damaged. By default, your tanks are ordered to attack, and to run away when hurt.

Thanks Tanks features two types of stations that can be captured: fountains, which increase your money supply, and bases, which are used to build and repair tanks. To build a tank, hover your mouse over the factory, select which parts you'd like to include on the tank, and click the build button. Be careful though, because you may only build tanks that you have enough coins to pay for.

Thanks Tanks may be difficult at first, but you'll be able to conquer this strategy game once you've mastered some key tactics. The first few levels of the game reward a strategy of attrition. Building as many light, cheap tanks as you can to storm the enemy will work here. On later levels, you will want to build sturdier, more expensive tanks to crush your enemies. You are rewarded with prestige points at the end of each level depending on your performance, so be sure to buy sturdier chassis, faster wheels, and more powerful weapons for your tanks!

A great tactic to use in Thanks Tanks is to have a heavier tank move forward in front of a large group of more heavily-armed lighter tanks. The large tank will soak up the damage dealt by enemy guns, while the lighter tanks will provide fire support to destroy the enemies. Once the enemies have been destroyed, your force can capture the enemy's base with ease, since greater numbers capture bases faster. Try this tactic, or develop your own for use in this strategy game.

Thanks Tanks is an addicting and challenging strategy game that you are sure to enjoy. Conquering your foes has never been this much fun!