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Think Tank Instructions

The controls of Think Tank are pretty simple - just use the arrow keys (left, right, up, and down) to control and move your tank, use the space bar to attack, and that's just about it. BUT as you will see later, there is more to this game than the controls. YES, Think Tank, staying true to its name, requires you to use those creative juices for maximum point gain and survival.

Think Tank Walkthrough

Think Tank - if you are looking for the hybrid of the video game PacMan and Battle City (Ah! I miss the good old days) then this tank arcade game is definitely is it! Just like in Battle City and PacMan, you are surrounded by enemies...and they are coming for you fast.

Now, it only takes on hit to take out an enemy tank. Unfotunately, the same thing can be said for you. No health bars, no shields or barriers - once you are hit, it's all over and you need to start on the beginning of the stage (that is if you have an extra tank...if not, then it's game over for you).

Another PacMan like characteristic - you need to collect those green beads to complete the stage. BUT here's the twist - these beads are numbered and if you want to make the most out of them and score as much as you can, you need to collect them in ascending order. But that won't be very as you will be surrounded by enemy tank. They are just as fast as you are, keep that in mind.

There are also other goodies that will help you finish every level - first off, there are red bullets that, when taken, will make you shoot faster. Bullet increasers, on the other hand, (these are greenish beads that have a green cross in the middle) gives you more firepower. Need a faster tank to dodge those bullets? No problem, just grab the lightning bonus and you are all set (that's nice as long as you don't lose control and your reflexes can keep up with it). And last but not the least, to get an extra tank just grab a pink star. You can call it a 1 up if you will.

Think Tank - grab the goodies (much better if you do so in ascending order) and get rid of the bad guys. That's your mission in this game. It's challenging, fast paced, involves a lot of dodging and a whole lot more. It's one of the most worthwhile tank games out there and you will surely love playing it.