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Think Tanks Instructions

Think Tanks is controlled by using the mouse and keyboard. The WASD keys are used to move your tank. Alternatively, the arrow keys may be used. The mouse is used to aim and shoot. The P key may be used to pause the game

Think Tanks Walkthrough

Think Tanks is a tank game that is similar in concept to the classic Atari 2600 game, Tanks. Think Tanks features awesome cartoonish graphics, numerous upgrades, and forty-five fun-filled levels!

The objective of Think Tanks is simply to destroy all of the enemy tanks on each level while avoiding destruction yourself! There is no time limit on the game, but completing a level in as little time as possible will reward you with a greater bonus.

Think Tanks also features numerous upgrades that can keep your tank in fighting shape. I advise buying the ammo and shot speed upgrades first. Your tank is fast enough to dodge enemy shots in the initial levels of the game, and extra firepower will help you to quickly gain the upper-hand in this tank game. I would avoid buying the shot rebound upgrade, since your shots may rebound and destroy your own tank. These upgrades cost money, so you should be sure to collect as many coins from destroyed enemy tanks as you can.

Mastering Think Tanks does not require you to buy any upgrades (upgrades are very helpful though), but quick reflexes are a necessity in this tank game. Later levels contain more enemies that will lay down greater firepower that must be dodged. Bullets also cancel each other out, so if you cannot dodge an incoming shot, try to use your own bullets as a countermeasure to cancel out the enemy's bullet. You should also use cover to avoid enemy bullets, but be careful because bullets may ricochet off of walls and strike you from behind!

If you need to take a break from Think Tanks, your progress is saved and may be returned to at a later time. You may also replay levels that you have beaten in order to increase your score, or earn more credits for upgrading your tank.

Think Tanks is an action-packed tank game. If you enjoy simple, addictive action, then you'll love Think Tanks!