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In Toyz Warz, the controls are so simple even a kid below 10 years old could play it. All you have to do is press A for moving your tank to the left and D for moving it to the right, coupled with the mouse's left click to fire and that's it! Did I mention playing Toyz Warz is pretty easy?

Toyz Warz Walkthrough

Toyz Warz is one of those games that are designed to kill time - nothing fancy, no complicated controls, no uber twisted plot...just pure shooting fun. Your mission is to blow up all of those Kirov like things that fly across the screen. They take only 2 shots and down they go.

Sounds boring? It sure does BUT that's all going to change that these flying baloons get harder and harder to deal with later on in the game. See those blue ones? They drop missiles that disable you for a good amount of them. And if you are unlucky to encounter a bunch of them, one misstep could lead into a dire situation - one missile pummeling you after the other until it's game over.

And here's another thing that makes the game challenging than your usual tank games for kids - you only have 2 marbles to use. YES, when you use them, you need to pick them up to reload your tank and keep the battle going. With that in mind, here's a tip that would be of great use for you - do NOT move around too much and keep the distance you travel in between fires down to the minimum. This makes sure that you have an easier time reloading your tank and taking out those enemy baloons.

Also here's something that you will be happy about in this tank game - there are many ways to keep up with the increasing challenge in Toyz Warz. First off, you will find boxes of power ups flying. Just shoot them down and pick them up when they reach the ground. Among the power ups in the game, then one that makes your shots more powerful is what I like the most. You can take out an enemy and send it crashing down in the air with just a blow. BUT mind you, these power ups have a very limited time so make the most out of them.

Along with that, in Toyz Warz, you can buy upgrades after every game. It's fun, challenging, comes with nice graphics - playing this tank game is an excellent way to kill time and sharpen your aim and reflexes.