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Turbo Tanks - sounds like a fast paced game. BUT surprisingly, the controls are unbelievably easy even a smart 3 year old could play the game. All you have to do is use the arrow keys to move your extra large tank and spacebar to make it leap when the need arises (YES, in this game tanks could leap...and it does leap high!). Just press left or the up button to make your tank go forward, and right / down button for moving the tank backward. And that's about it fellas! Did I mention playing Turbo Tanks is easy?

Turbo Tanks Walkthrough

If you think tank arcade games are all about shooting, squashing,or nuking your enemies, then Turbo Tank will show you that you are mistaken! Turbo Tank is a fast paced game where you have to race with your tank and beat the clock. Well, the fast paced part depends on how fast you go. You see, pressing the left or right button makes you move way slower than pressing the up and down button.

So how do you win in this game? Pretty simple - maneuver your tank, reach the finish line and beat the time, and last BUT not the least, don't self destruct. YES, you have a health bar which easily drains out when you make crazy maneuvers like going as fast as a bullet, leaping all of sudden, and your tank crashes with a thud.

So what is the leap for anyway? You see, there are pitfalls in the course. So just leap over them and go your way, collect the stars which give you points, and finish the track before the time runs out. YES, Turbo Tank is a pretty simple game which I think is targeted mainly for kids.

Reminders about the stars: yes, you need to collect them and they are all over the place. BUT mind you, going after them like nuts can get you in trouble. Bunches of them are usually placed or situated in areas where you need to do stunts just to get them. And most of the time, they are time consuming and if you choose to rush things, it ends with a crash. I don't know about you BUT that's not a very good bargain.