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Turret Takeover Instructions

Use the WASD or 1-4 keys to switch between tank colors when firing. Point and click to fire at enemy tanks trying to destroy your turret. When one of your color gauges is filled, select that particular color and hit the spacebar to unleash a super weapon.

Turret Takeover Walkthrough

Turret Takeover is a mindless tanks game that will have you clicking your mouse and pressing keys on your keyboard like crazy. At the beginning of each round, enemy tanks will surround and come over your turret, located in the middle of the screen. There are four different colored tanks, red, blue, green, and yellow. You can switch the color your turret is firing by either pressing the WASD keys or the 1-4 number keys (the tanks will have letters on top of them corresponding to which key). As the rounds go on, you'll have to face faster and stronger tanks, but you collect money for each one you destroy, so you can buy upgrades in between rounds to make your turret stronger.

There are a few upgrades you can choose from while in between rounds. You can choose to add armor to your turret, or there's an option to give your bullets the power to push enemy tanks back, so you'll have more time when dealing with a huge swarm of tanks. Or, to have a super weapon in Turret Takeover, you can purchase an upgrade that starts collecting energy each time you destroy an enemy tank. Once enough of a specific type of energy has been gathered, select that color and hit the space bar - you'll start unleashing a super weapon that will destroy every type of tank around you. It's great for tight situations where you're about to be destroyed yourself, so use it sparingly.

Turret Takeover has a few gameplay options. You can choose to not have the keys show up above tanks, making the game immensely more difficult, or you can click rampage mode at the start of the game. In rampage mode, you'll only have one life to defend, but you won't have to switch colors because the game has gotten rid of them. Though it may seem like that would make the game much easier, you can't buy upgrades in between rounds either, so it's more of a death sentence than anything else. Overall, Turret Takeover is a simple game that's easy to pick up but hard to put down; it's fun and addictive.